We'd like to share with you some articles about studies, teachers and students experiencing the benefits of iRest. This section is updated regularly, so please check back for more articles and news about iRest.

New Medical Yoga Symposium at Smithsonian Highlights Growing Interest in Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Today, Published on Yoga U Online (, 12/18/2013

VA Research Currents: Mind-Body Medicine

VA Research Currents: Research News from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 12/01/2013

Operation: Yoga. Yoga Offers Meaningful Holistic Solutions to Returning Veterans and Their Families. and LA YOGA Magazine, 11/01/2013

...and breathe. A military veteran brings the benefits of deep relaxation to his comrades-in-arms.

Kripalu Impact, 11/01/2013

YouTube: Robin Carnes honoree at Smithsonian Institution's Sackler Gallery gala benefit

YouTube via Warriors At Ease, 10/17/2013

Interview with Richard MIller

Australian Yoga Life magazine, 06/01/2013

DC WRIISC (War Related Illness and Injury Study Center): Meditation: A Promising Approach to Ease Chronic Pain

WRIISC Advantage Summer Newsletter, 06/01/2013

Yoga (from the Warrior Care Policy Newsletter "The Continuum")

Warrior Care Policy (WCP) Newsletter (Issue I, Summer 2013), 06/01/2013

3 Yoga Nidra Health Benefits, 03/06/2013

iHeal: For soldiers dealing with PTSD and other issues, the military has endorsed a novel treatment: a form of mindful meditation known as iRest.

Bethesda Magazine, 03/01/2013

iRest - Relax Your Way to a Healthier You

U.S. Air Force Reserve: Psychological Health Advocacy Program Newsletter, 03/01/2013

Military Battle PTSD With Yoga

Huffington Post, 12/12/2012

Healing Trauma’s Heart: An Interview with Richard Miller, Founder of iRest

Elephant Journal, 11/13/2012

Yoga Nidra: The Contemplative Heart of Yoga by Richard Miller PhD

Yoga Therapy Ireland, 11/01/2012

Integrative healthcare for the military: a Samueli Institute/Department of Defense partnership

Explore (NY). 2012 Jul-Aug;8(4):256-7. doi: 10.1016/j.explore.2012.04.012., 07/01/2012

Yoga Stress Relief for Soldiers

The Huffington Post, 05/17/2012

For Veterans, Yoga Can Offer Peace

The Miami Herald, 03/18/2012

Going to Jail Today - blog by Kelly Boys

Feathered Pipe Blogs, 02/02/2012

iRest Warrior Care blog

Office Of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy - U.S. Department of Defense, 01/19/2012

Healing Soldiers Through Meditation

Women's Day Magazine (online), 01/01/2012

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