Executive Team

Kirsten Guest

iRest Certified Teacher (Level V Supervisor)
Kimberley, BC, Canada

IRI Director of Certification

YA500 Yoga Teacher

Kirsten has been a student of Richard Miller's since 1998 when she attended her first Retreat into Stillness. After this retreat, she began to find a sense of peace and self acceptance that kept her returning to retreat after retreat, digging deeper for the source of this new-found ease in her life.

The first iRest Level I training in 2006 put a context and a framework to the work that had been changing her life and informing her yoga teaching since she began working with Richard nearly nine years prior. It all began to fall into place.

Kirsten has since become an active member of the iRest team, helping to develop the iRest Trainings, refining the training format and material, and, along with a supportive team, create the iRest Teacher Certification program.

Kirsten’s particular interest in iRest is in effectively spreading these teachings to as many people as possible. There is nothing more delightful to her than watching the incredible transformation that occurs as a student of iRest begins to get a taste of the ease, acceptance, and peace that she began to find for herself so many years ago. In her local community, she offers multi-week iRest courses to yoga students as well as the general public. She travels to offer introductory weekends, retreats, as well as assist at iRest Trainings.

Mary Jo Johnson

Operations & Project Manager
San Rafael, CA

Mary Jo brings her professional experience in management and business development to the Institute having worked at several Technology software start-ups and Financial services companies. Her current role at IRI represents an intersection of her personal and professional passions; a commitment to empowerment and raising awareness towards personal health and well-being. She has been involved in the non-profit field for many years, volunteering her time with the Corazon Roxas Foundation helping fundraise for educational programs for children in third world countries.

Having completed her 500 hour Yoga therapy training from Loyola Marymount University, Mary Jo's continues to pursue one of her passions in life, partnering with individuals helping them build resilience and finding equanimity in their lives.

Samantha Kinkaid

Director of Marketing / Director of iRest for Youth Programs
Certified iRest Teacher & Supervisor

Los Angeles, CA

It is a joy to work with such a dedicated group of professionals and teachers. Being in collaborative, authentic and transparent relationships is at the core of how I approach life and work. I feel very blessed to serve IRI and support the rich meditation teachings we offer.

My professional background is in consulting, with an emphasis in branding, marketing, and program development. In my current role at IRI, I am focused on supporting this growing non-profit and the community of teachers and students, while building thriving relationships with like-minded professionals.

A little over ten years ago, I turned my focus to working with and supporting youth with accessible wisdom practices. Five years ago, I met Richard and have happily been working alongside him. A main interest is with youth with autism and sensory and social learning challenges, as well as anger and anxiety. Additionally, I work with gifted and typically developing students (and their educators) in public general education settings.

“If today’s youth had greater access to the resources found within meditation and yoga practices, it would transform their lives. We are a global community now. If each of us could look inward and then extend outward the best of ourselves, we would affect positive change in our relationships and our world.”

I am passionate about positively influencing the education and healthcare communities with accessible and comprehensive mindfulness practices, such as iRest.

Should you have any inquires about our work or want to find out how we may serve you or your organization, please consider this an invitation to do so. You can reach me at

On a personal note, my family and I live in Southern California, just north of LA. We enjoy hiking, swimming and playing in the park with our dog, Angel.

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