iRest Certified Teachers

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Name City Province Country
Jill C. Still Anchorage Alaska United States
Christopher Mankowski Prescott Arizona United States
Lily Cann Tucson Arizona United States
Anne de Lovinfosse, PhD San Rafael and Albany California United States
Britta Butler Kentfield California United States
Cameron McKinley Larkspur California United States
Christie Vallance Sacramento California United States
Devorah Sacks San Francisco California United States
Ford Peck San Anselmo California United States
Jeanette Dvorak Gold river California United States
Jules Alexander San Anselmo California United States
Kate Blackman Berkeley California United States
Kathie Bain Nevada City California United States
Lara Eisenberg San Diego California United States
Loriel Starr San Francisco California United States
Lyn Davis Genelli San Rafael California United States
Maggie Norton FORT BRAGG California United States
Mary Pickslay Keeney Stockton California United States
Monica Hanson, RYT, IAYT Fremont California United States
Pam Pence North Tustin Orange County California United States
Rick Echler Mill Valley California United States
Samantha Kinkaid Oak Park California United States
Shakti Huss Orangevale California United States
Tina von Moltke, PhD Redding California United States
Tucker Adams Ojai California United States
Ena Burrud, E-RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist Fort Collins Colorado United States
Jennifer Brennan Platteville Colorado United States
Karin Bustamante Littleton Colorado United States
Michelle McAlpin Boulder Colorado United States
Stanlee Smith Montrose Colorado United States
Joy Kirstin washington District Of Columbia United States
Patricia Barth Washington District Of Columbia United States
Shira Oz-Sinai Washington District Of Columbia United States
Debbie Padnuk Fort Myers Florida United States
Emily Hain Merritt Island Florida United States
Molly Asebey-Birkholm Key Biscayne Florida United States
Dennis Kast jasper Georgia United States
Nick Atlas Atlanta Georgia United States
Jill C. Peterson Honolulu Hawaii United States
Barbara Hofeldt Boise Idaho United States
Jeanne Dillion Boise Idaho United States
Tanya Penny Boise Idaho United States
Corinne Peterson Evanston Illinois United States
Gemma Adams Glenview Illinois United States
Jacqui Neurauter Palatine Illinois United States
Mary T. Steinberg Chicago Illinois United States
Rhoda Miriam Chicago Area Illinois United States
Gayle Bohlman Towson Maryland United States
Jordana Carmel, LMT, RYT 500 Kensington Maryland United States
Karen Soltes LCSW, E-RYT 200 Chevy Chase Maryland United States
Linda Ovitt baltimore Maryland United States
Robin D. Carnes Silver Spring Maryland United States
Sara Shelley Silver Spring Maryland United States
Patricia Cieluch Grosse Ile Michigan United States
Sandra Burgess Rochester Michigan United States
Leah Golberstein, MA, MFA, RYT500 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
Jan Leigh Wheeler Columbia Missouri United States
Terry Wilson New Bloomfield Missouri United States
Susan Blackwell Tate E-RYT Bozeman Montana United States
Anna Williamson Chapel Hill North Carolina United States
Milena Orchard-Hays Asheville North Carolina United States
Jim Readey Concord New Hampshire United States
Marina Paramus New Jersey United States
Adrienne Jamiel, MA, ERYT-500 New York New York United States
Karen Lazarus, MD, MS, MPH Brooklyn New York United States
Mary L. Bartel Saranac Lake New York United States
Susanne Murtha Bakers Mills New York United States
Dorothy Meyer Toledo Ohio United States
Jane Montgomery Akron Ohio United States
Janice George Columbus Ohio United States
Stephanie Lopez Columbus Ohio United States
Sara Erlbaum Lafayette Hill Pennsylvania United States
Donna Savage Rapid City South Dakota United States
Mary Ellen Rose San Antonio Texas United States
Pamela Brewer Austin Texas United States
Eva Ambika Livingston RN, BSN, E-RYT Santa Clara Utah United States
Paula Child Salt Lake City Utah United States
Harry C. Dudley, Psy.D. Vancouver Washington United States
Janice Sack-Ory Federal Way Washington United States
Jennifer Cabanero Seattle Washington United States
Michael Regets, Ph.D. Tumwater Washington United States
Nöle Giulini Port Townsend Washington United States
Iris Mickey Madison Wisconsin United States
Mira Binzen, E-RYT 500, RCYT Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
James Reeves Oxford Oxfordshire United Kingdom
Kathryn Varley Horsham West Sussex United Kingdom
Miho Nagakusa Kasugai-shi Japan
Aegir Rafn Ingolfsson, DMD,MOB, Kripalu-500 Kopavogur Austurland Iceland
Marianne Fuchs vina del mar Valparaiso (V) Chile
Jami Macarty Tucson/ Vancouver Canada
Anne Douglas Banff Alberta Canada
Annie Baker Jasper Alberta Canada
Barbara Eastham Calgary Alberta Canada
Caroline Haverkort Edmonton Alberta Canada
Cindi Reopell Calgary Alberta Canada
Claudia Frick Istvanffy Calgary Alberta Canada
Erin Michie Edmonton Alberta Canada
Joan Quade Canmore Alberta Canada
Jodi Ouellette Water Valley Alberta Canada
Kathleen Ludwig Calgary Alberta Canada
Lillas Marie Hatala Calgary Alberta Canada
Val Whitehead St Albert Alberta Canada
Colleen Tiltman Kelowna British Columbia Canada
George McFaul Denman Island British Columbia Canada
Kirsten Guest Kimberley British Columbia Canada
L. Ross Guest Kimberley British Columbia Canada
wendy ann grant Golden British Columbia Canada
Tina Koskelo Toronto Ontario Canada
Clearlight Gerald Montreal Quebec Canada
Joan Ruvinsky Montreal Quebec Canada
Kathleen Knipp Montreal Quebec Canada
Pascale Arsenault Montreal Quebec Canada
Kimberly Lawrence Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota Benowa Queensland Australia

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