The Art and Science of Yogic Meditation
Enhancing Your Health, Living from Essence and Relaxing into Joy

7-week online course with Richard Miller 
March 7 - May 2, 2017
5:30pm- 7:30pm Pacific

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Join Richard Miller for this 7-week course exploring the art and science of meditation where Richard shares his unique perspective and insight based on his 45 years of experience navigating the intricacies of meditation.

Meditation is both an art and a science that reveals our innate wellspring of unchanging health, wholeness, resiliency, peace and well-being, that is present within us, no matter our circumstance. In this course Richard shares with you the path, the means, and the realizations that take you beyond effort and striving, into the ease of meditation, as a way of living your life.

This 7-week course offers you the opportunity to break free from the tyranny of your compulsive thoughts, reactive emotions, and conditioned beliefs that underlie your experiences of separation and suffering. It is designed to help you directly realize, integrate, and embody the underlying reality of your essential nature where you feel intimately connected to yourself and the world around you during all circumstances of life.

Whether this is your first experience with meditation, or you are a seasoned practitioner, this course offers you support in understanding:

  • The underlying structure of meditation
  • The neuroscience of meditation
  • The transformative power of meditation
  • How to break free of compulsive thinking, emotional reactivity, and negative beliefs
  • The stages, phases, levels, and practices of meditation
  • Right relationship to, and functioning of the body, mind, senses, and ego
  • What lies beyond our sense of being a separate self
  • Integration of meditation as a way of life

Online Course Schedule:

Module 1    Waking In: Foundations of Meditation Part 1
                    Setting the Stage for Meditation     

Meditation is not just something you do. It is the way you live your life. It is a call to action from the underlying force that has given birth to every atom in your body, as well as the entire cosmos. Meditation invites you to turn into yourself and be a totally alive, spontaneous, and authentic human being, across all levels of your humanness: body, mind, spirit, heart, emotions, thoughts, speech, and actions.

The foundational practices of yoga meditation teach you how to welcome and proactively respond to each and every circumstance of your life, so that your actions feel in harmony, not just with yourself, but with life itself. These foundation practices are designed to potentiate your understanding of meditation by supporting you to actualize forthright intentions within yourself that you carry with you in each moment of your daily life.

In this module you will be be introduced to:

  • The map of yoga meditation
  • Three levels and two paths of mindfulness
  • Four phases of awakening
  • How intentions nourish meditation
  • Inquiries to discover your unchanging inner resource of well-being
  • The function of the five senses, mind and ego
  • The role of the 7th sense of non-separation
  • Your innate unchanging ground of wholeness


Module 2    Waking In: Foundations of Meditation Part 2
                     Core Principles and the Neuroscience of Meditation

There are core principles that enable you to build a strong foundation for your practice of meditation. These principles help you learn meditation as both a daily practice and as a way of being and living in the world, with yourself and in all your relationships at home, at work, and at play.

Understanding what modern neuroscience reveals can also help you engage and follow through with your practice of meditation by showing you what is taking place in your body and mind as you engage the various practices of meditation.

In this module you will learn:

  • Core principles of yoga meditation
  • Four neural networks involved with meditation
  • Two styles of focused attention that deepen concentration
  • How to step out of compulsive thinking and emotional reactivity
  • How to open to insight and infinite possibility
  • Simple practices that nourish heart-centered presence of being in the world


Week 3        Waking In: Foundations of Meditation Part 3
                    Welcoming Opposites of Emotion and Cognition
                    Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Emotions & Thoughts

Your sensations, feelings, emotions, cognitions and perceptions are ever changing. So what is their function? Yoga meditation helps you recognize these movements as messengers, designed to help you respond, rather than react, so that in each moment you feel deeply connected to yourself, and in harmony with the world around you.

Meditation teaches you how to notice, welcome, and proactively respond to these messengers of sensation, emotion and cognition. Your ability to proactively engage them responsively, with right action, enables you to fully embody, actualize and individuate yourself as a unique human being, so that you’re fully capable of navigating the ins and outs of your life and interactions. Your ability to respond, also grounds and prepares you to navigate the realizations that are to come as you deepen into meditation.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to work with emerging psychic material on and off your meditation cushion
  • Four internal needs that help you meet each moment responsively
  • Six ways to proactively respond to sensations, emotions, and cognitions as messengers
  • How welcoming and engaging opposites leads to insight
  • The neuroscience of emotions


Module 4    Waking In: Foundations of Meditation Part 4
                    Experiencing Joy and Well-Being

Joy, well-being, love, peace, compassion, and loving-kindness are qualities that naturally arise through meditation. Through meditation you can realize these as unchanging qualities that can exist alongside of, and independent of any achievement or changing state of your body or mind. The practice of yoga meditation doesn’t create these qualities. Rather, it helps unearth them and so that you can recognize them as always present.

Like your ability to learn a language, joy, well-being, love, peace, compassion, and loving-kindness are yours from birth. This explains why, even in the midst of pain and suffering, loss and grief, or sadness and depression, you can still feel them. They are always present; no matter what else is. Meditation supports you in experiencing them alongside every changing positive or negative state you may experience during your lifetime.

In this module you will learn:

  • The six innate and essential qualities that naturally arise through meditation: joy, well-being, love, peace, compassion, and loving-kindness
  • How to nourish the six essential qualities throughout meditation and your daily life
  • How the six essential qualities are good medicines
  • The yoga of sleep that nourishes the six essential qualities
  • The neuroscience of joy and well-being


Module 5    Waking Up: Advanced Stages of Meditation
                    Separation and Ego-Identity Fall Away

There arrives a moment in yoga meditation when awareness makes a 180 degree turn upon itself, away from the objects arising in awareness, and inquires as to its source. Here, you wake up from the dream of being a separate self, where ego-identification and separation fall away. As you go beyond ego-identity and separation your essential nature reveals itself as indescribable, yet undeniably recognizable, as forever unchanging and the same, yet always brand new and fresh.

In waking up shame, blame, guilt, self-judgment and other psychological movements fall away. You realize your true essence as beyond time, space, and boundary. This is your unchanging wholeness, which is always present, loving, compassionate and welcoming. Here all searching falls away and you awaken into the underlying Mystery that has given birth to you and the entire cosmos.

In this module you will explore:

  • The distinction between self and non-self
  • How the triune brain creates separation and ego-identity
  • Subtle barriers that obstruct awakening
  • The natural process of release from ego-identity
  • Awakening to what lies beyond separation
  • Embracing your impersonalness amidst personal relationships


Module 6    Waking Down: Integration of Awakening Part 1
                    Being Fully Human

Waking up entails going beyond personal ego-based identity where you realize your essential nature that lies beyond all conditioned beliefs of being a separate self. In waking up, you realize and celebrate your non-separate and impersonal interconnectedness with everyone and everything around you.

The next phase of awakening, “Waking Down”, entails enlightenment of your whole body, where you learn to integrate your awakened disposition of non-separation into the world of daily life that involves separation. Here, you re-engage your body, mind, emotions and cognitions as you did before, as messengers that help you survive and thrive in the world. But you do this now with your 7th sense fully awake, which knows no separation even as your mind and five senses perceive separation. Waking down entails stabilizing your ability to experience yourself as a unique personal-impersonal, non-separate expression of life, even as you go about relating and operating in the world that is based on the myth of separation.

In this module you will explore:

  • Paradoxes and myths of enlightenment
  • Who and what is in control of your life
  • Differences between detachment, dissociation, disidentification, and non-attachment
  • Embodying the personal and separation amidst the impersonal and non-separation
  • Doing, thinking and living from non-separate being


Module 7    Waking Out: Integration of Awakening Part 2
                    Meditation as a Way of Living Life

In waking out you live your awakened disposition of non-separation into all of your relationships. Here, you deeply relax into unshakable faith and trust that you always know how to respond to every circumstance that life brings to your table.

Waking out entails living as embodied, non-separate presence that you truly are, where you feel interconnected with everything and everyone around you. Well-being, compassion and loving-kindness permeate your body, mind, speech and actions as effortless expressions of your essential nature.

You live the heart-felt recognition of everyone and everything around you as unique expressions of the underlying Mystery that has given birth to yourself, to them, and to the entire cosmos. Here you live free from ego-identification, where wisdom and love blossom as you embody the heart-felt realization that everything is indeed, your self.

In this module you will explore:

  • Relaxing into effortless meditation
  • Doing from being
  • Being love incarnate: everything as yourself and yourself as everything
  • Living from heart-centered presence in all of your relationships
  • The integration of meditation as your way of life
  • Connecting with your community of like-minded practitioners
  • Next steps