Welcome to the IRI Team Page.

Here you will find profiles for our Office Team. These are the talented people who make things run smoothly behind the scenes. If you wish to contact anyone, you may do so via: our contact form, by calling the office at (415) 456-3909, or by emailing info@irest.us.

Les BreelandLes Breeland
Les Breeland manages IT for IRI and also acts as a Special Assistant to the Executive Director. He has a background in Project Management, IT, Business & Technical Management, Process Automation and Developing Business Processes. 

Les began volunteering with IRI in May 2014 after hearing Richard’s call for help to cover the growing workload in the office. After several months of volunteering, he was invited to make a bigger commitment to help move IRI forward. Les also served for several years on the IRI Board of Directors from 2006 through 2009. 

On a personal note, Les stumbled into a six-week Yoga Nidra workshop with Richard Miller in 1999. One thing led to another and soon there were weekly meditation groups, workshops, classes and exquisite retreats with Richard, as well as iRest Level I & II Trainings. Les is delighted to be working with an organization that does such good work in the world and whose teachings have had such a profound impact on his life.

Jennifer CabaneroJennifer Cabanero 
Jennifer is ​Supervisor of Trainers​ at IRI​ and ​w​as introduced to the teachings of Richard Miller​ in 2003. Jennifer has been assisting in iRest trainings since 2012 and has also stepped into the role of Senior iRest Trainer. ​ 

Jennifer has been ​teaching Hatha Yoga since 1998​ and​ since 2000​ ​​has been the studio manager of The Yoga Tree ​in​ Seattle. It's at the yoga studio where she has the pleasure and the honor of teaching iRest classes, trainings and immersions. ​ 

In her spare time she runs wild with her two nieces, enjoys cooking (she used to be a pastry chef!)​ and spending as much time out of doors as possible. 

Through iRest, Jennifer has become aware of a deep sense of wholeness that has always been present and with this wholeness, an ability to fully welcome life with all of its ups and downs. ​What a gift it is to be working for the Institute!

Kirsten GuestKirsten Guest 
Kirsten Guest is the Director of iRest Teacher Certification at IRI as well as a Supervisor and Senior Retreat Teacher. She has been an ardent student and teacher of iRest and non-dual teachings for 2 decades. She leads several weekly classes in Body Sensing and iRest Yoga Nidra meditation in her home town of Kimberley, B.C. Canada, and travels to offer workshops and teach at retreats. Kirsten is passionate about sharing the "waking in" teachings that develop a deep sense of self acceptance and a willingness to embrace all of life’s ups and downs with a sense of ease and grace. She values balance in all areas of her life, and can often be found hiking, biking and skiing in the mountains that surround her home.


Mary Jo JohnsonMary Jo Johnson 
Mary Jo brings her professional experience in management and business development to the IRI Institute having worked at several Technology software start-ups and Financial services companies. Her current role at IRI represents an intersection of her personal and professional passions; a commitment to empowerment and raising awareness towards personal health and well-being. She is involved in communications & development, project management and fundraising.

Mary Jo has completed her 500 hour Yoga Therapy training at LMU and Restorative Yoga training with Judy Lasater. In her free time, she teaches therapeutic and restorative yoga, and iRest meditation. She loves walking and exploring new beginnings. She is inspired by innovators and optimists.

Non-profit work has given her life deeper meaning​ ​and joy - being able to make a difference one step at a time.

Tim LanglametTim Langlamet
Tim is the IT Assistant at IRI. In 2008, he earned an Associates Degree in Information Technology, and is certified CompTIA A+ in both Hardware and Software.

He brings with him many years of assisting non-profits with all things technological, including: desktops, peripherals, databases, mobile devices, networks, and most operating systems (including: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome). He also works on special projects, website maintenance, copy editing, and other fun stuff. He enjoys finding ways to leverage technology to make tasks quicker and easier. And he lives by the motto: work smarter, not harder.

Tim completed a 500 hour Somatic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Janice Gates in 2015. He is also an iRest Level 2 Teacher in Training. He absolutely loves talking about Yoga and is obsessed with the Yoga Sutras. His proudest accomplishment is continuing to do his own personal practice every morning in line with the teachings of the Yoga Sutras.

Francisco LopezFrancisco Lopez
Francisco is Event Coordinator at IRI and brings with him extensive experience in corporate training and event coordination. He excels in copywriting, attention to detail, improving organizational efficiency, and enjoys developing new procedures to help IRI grow.

Originally from Chicago, Francisco is excited to run marathons in the sunny California weather and practice Bikram Yoga. He has a background in neuroscience and philosophy, and is a long-time meditator.

He spends his evenings studying and writing in Consciousness Studies, and exploring the relationship between the brain and mind.

Mary Ellen RoseMary Ellen Rose, MFA, ERYT 200 
Mary is an iRest® Certified Instructor and is the Director of Military Programs at IRI. She also teaches iRest at a private rehabilitation hospital for Active Duty Service Members, in public workshops, classes, and privately.

She feels fortunate to have led a Pilot Study at Brooke Army Medical Center, studying iRest and Compassion Fatigue. Looking to create more evidentiary proof, she has recently completed a 3 year DOD study on Resilience and Military Couples at SAMMC. She thanks the team at Warriors at Ease, for providing their valuable teaching to better prepare her for interfacing with the military.

Her "Day Job", is in Advertising where stress, anxiety, and unrealistic deadlines are the norm. However, thanks to iRest, she is happy, smiles and laughs a lot more, and feels deep joy. Life is still busy, but she moves through her day with the understanding that everything is just perfect so long as she remembers to exhale, and be in the moment.