Global Brain Health and Performance Summit featuring Stephanie Lopez 

April 27-29, 2017 at the Hilton Columbus Downtown in Columbus, Ohio

Join Stephanie Lopez at the second annual Global Brain Health and Performance Summit featuring top scientists from academia, industry, and government to discuss innovations in research and development designed to enhance brain health and human performance. Stephanie will be discussing iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and research-based postive outcomes demonstrating its efficacy as a comprehensive program for promoting health, resiliency, and well-being.

The Global Brain Health and Performance Summit explores:

  • The identification, validation and application of biomarkers toward the enhancement of brain health and performance
  • Lifestyle practices, such as sleep, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness, and how they affect results on the playing field, battlefield and in everyday life
  • The impact of inflammation on cognitive and physical function
  • Technological advances in human performance sensors and analytics for the prediction and measurement of function disease outcomes. 

Dates:  April 28 (Stephanie's discussion, time TBA), April 27-29 (Conference)

Location:  the Hilton Columbus Downtown is located in Columbus, Ohio

Pricing:  included in conference registration 

Registration:  click here for more information and to register for the conference

Trainer:  Senior iRest Trainer & IRI Director of Operations Stephanie Lopez


April 27th, 2017 12:00 AM   through   April 29th, 2017 12:00 AM
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