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The Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI) provides programs and teacher trainings that show you how to live a contented life, free of conflict and fear, by opening your mind and body to its inherent ground of health and well-being. It is our vision to help people resolve their pain and suffering by rediscovering their essential wholeness and their interconnectedness with all of life. From this place of discovery, trauma and difficult life situations are then met with a deeply wise and compassionate response.

iRest Yoga Nidra, one of the principal programs offered by IRI, is a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that:

  • releases negative emotions and thought patterns
  • calms the nervous system
  • develops a deep capacity to meet any and all circumstances you may encounter in life

Research has shown that iRest Yoga Nidra effectively reduces:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Chemical dependency

The Integrative Restoration Institute is committed to excellence in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), collaborating with research partners, and providing advanced training for health care professionals, yoga teachers and individuals looking to facilitate their own personal growth.

Founded in 2006, we are a non profit 501(c)(3) under the direction of Richard C. Miller, PhD. Our specialization is iRest Yoga Nidra which is currently being utilized in VA hospitals, military bases, hospitals and clinics, hospice, homeless shelters, community programs, and schools. We also offer retreats that emphasize self-inquiry, yoga and mindfulness practices such as iRest.

Special thanks to Warriors at Ease, Robin Carnes​, and Christopher Giddinge.
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The Flowering of Freedom

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Simplicity of Meditation

The Simplicity of Meditation Session 6 is now available for download.