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IMG_1610.JPGiRest is being integrated into the classroom with kindergarten kids. In iRest the senses are the doorways into the universe through which children can learn skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. For instance, in iRest, BodySensing and BreathSensing lay the foundation for working with emotions, beliefs, joy and pure awareness. And sensorial materials are used to lay the foundation for all creative and intellectual work. These materials educate and refine a child’s senses through sequential exercises of materials that range in weight, texture, temperature, color, sound and smell. Read more

iRest For Kids Fact Sheet

Who is being served?
The iRest For Kids program is suitable for children and young adults ages 4-18 years and can be presented to a group or when working with an individual.

Children's Literature
These are specific books that pertain to the stages of iRest, which can be read to children as a way of engaging their interest and helping them unfold specific learnings with regards to the various stages of iRest, i.e., Intention, Heartfelt Desire, Inner Resource, Bodysensing, Energysensing, Emotions, Beliefs, Joy and Awareness.
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What are the needs that iRest addresses?

  • iRest helps kids develop emotional and cognitive intelligence by familiarizing them with the entire range of emotions and cognitions that they encounter within themselves and with others on a daily basis.
  • iRest helps kids gain sensitivity to, and familiarity with their body as a rich kaleidoscope of information and how to recognize and work with the various challenges they face when interacting intra-psychically as well as interpersonally in the world.
  • iRest fosters self-esteem by showing kids that they have the ability to discover within themselves solutions to the various emotional, intellectual and interpersonal challenges they face on a daily basis.
  • iRest supports the inherent joy that we are each born with and carry into the world. iRest teaches children that joy is their birthright and is independent of objects, situation or circumstance.
  • iRest supports children to experience within themselves a firm foundation of stability with which they can meet the world around them.

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Testimonial of an 8-year-old's experience with iRest, as described by one of our iRest teachers:

"My niece Jane has developed anxiety about certain things, and when she gets scared of something her belly starts hurting and sometimes she throws up because she is so anxious. Last week on a family vacation, she wanted to sing a song in front of our extended family (she has a beautiful voice) and she got so nervous her belly was hurting and she just couldn't do it.

I told her later that I have a 'safe place' and described it a bit to her. I asked her if she could remember any time when she sang that she DID feel comfortable and safe, and she fully described a time in the first grade when she felt that way, standing in the bleachers singing at school. So I asked her to feel the scared feeling then feel the confident, happy feeling she felt on the bleachers, and to go back and forth between the two.

Then I asked her if she remembered any other time where she felt at ease and she said 'YES after getting out of the hot tub!' so I asked her to feel that and if she got scared to go back and forth and then feel both. Later that night when I was putting her to bed, she said she wanted to sing in front of everyone, and she did it! She came up to me SO excited afterwards saying 'It worked, it worked! I did it six times, every time I got scared I felt my safe place! Now I'm going to see if I can have a nightmare tonight so I can use my safe place!' This was such a powerful example of the simplicity and potency of iRest in its application...thank you!"

Below is a video of iRest used at The Next Step Public Charter School in Washington, DC created by iRest teacher Shira Oz-Sinai.

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